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"The View Is Worth The Climb" Landscape Print

"The View Is Worth The Climb" Landscape Print

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Behind The Painting

“In middle of your journey, you might be tempted to throw your hands up and walk back home. Your end goal might seem too far out of reach. But you must not give up.

If you are tired, rest. And when you have energy again, continue your ascent.
Once you reach the summit, the views will take your breath away. You will forget the aching in your muscles. You will forget the tears and exhaustion.
Instead, you will be filled with exhilaration and gratitude.

You will feel proud. Your heart will be light.

And you will stand in utter silence at the magnificence before your eyes.”-Beth Suter

This painting was inspired by a photo taken at Lake Ingalls, Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Photograph credited to Ty Grobmeier.

This piece is to remind you that your hard work will be worth it.  It is the struggle that tests us. It is the grit that rewards us.


Premium, archival inks
Cold press, cotton rag paper

This high quality reproduction retains all of the vibrant colors used to create the original watercolor painting.

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