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"Rising Women, Inner Goddess 1" Print
"Rising Women, Inner Goddess 1" Print

"Rising Women, Inner Goddess 1" Print

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SIZE- 11X14"

When is the last time you got quiet, closed your eyes and envisioned your Soul? Envisioned the part of you who is completely Intune to the divine energy of Truth and Love? She is your Soul. She is your Inner Goddess.

 Close your eyes. Breathe. Take a minute and imagine. What does she look like?  How does she carry herself? What does she want you to know right now in this very moment? Can you feel her unconditional love for you? 

She is the one that has the answers to the questions you seek. She is steadfast and all knowing . She has only your best interest in mind. You have access to her at all times. When you feel overwhelmed, scared, or small, you can call upon her to guide you because she IS you.  She is the part of you that can see beyond the small scope of the ego and has a universal perspective.

We are a Soul in a body.  And yet, we forget.  Year after year, layer after layer, we forget the essence of who we truly are. We forget that we are made of Source energy. We came with a desire to EXPERIENCE this world.  To create beautiful things.  To meet interesting people. Taste delicious foods. Dance to the rhythm of music that pulls us to move our bodies.  We came to explore and do and shine.  We came here to bring more light to this world. 

When you call upon your Inner Goddess, you are living in alignment.  You are in the flow. You feel creative, lighthearted, abundant. You feel joyful & powerful.  Because you ARE all of those things. You fear nothing because you know you are so much more than you have allowed yourself to be.  You are tapped into the Universal energy. You are unstoppable. 

 Display this premium Inner Goddess print in your space and always remember:

You are Beautiful. You are Unstoppable. You are Brave. You are Source Energy. 


This painting is part of my Inner Goddess series.  She is 1 of 7 available designs.