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"A New Day" Landscape Print

"A New Day" Landscape Print

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Behind The Painting
This painting was the result of having a creative and mental block. After multiple attempts of unsuccessful paintings, I sat down with my brushes and started making marks on paper. I had no intention of creating a painting. I simply enjoyed watching the paint move on the paper. The entire process seemed to happen in slow motion. As I continued to paint, I realized a painting was taking form.

This piece is to remind you that nothing stays the same. Life can change in a moment’s notice. It may feel like a dark storm today, but tomorrow might feel like the sun is rising and shining on your face.  If you are ever swept up in a rainstorm, hang in there. The rainbow and sunshine will come.

This is a print on demand. Please allow two weeks for shipping. FREE local pickup option.

Available Sizes
9.5x 21.5


Print Materials
*Crafted from an original watercolor painting
*Premium, archival inks
*Printed on cold press, cotton rag paper
*Giclee reproduction
(Frame NOT included)

These high-quality reproductions retain all the vibrant colors used to create the original.

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