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Moon Calendar Bundle (3 Calendars per bundle)
Moon Calendar Bundle (3 Calendars per bundle)
Moon Calendar Bundle (3 Calendars per bundle)

Moon Calendar Bundle (3 Calendars per bundle)

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Sharing is caring! Gift yourself and your Moon loving friends the 2024 Moon Calendar! Each of the bundles comes with 3 calendars.

All Calendars tentatively scheduled to ship the last week of November
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Are you scheduling your days with intention? Are you making joy a priority? Are you giving yourself consistent downtime for rest and reflection?

The 2024 Moon Calendar is the perfect tool to help you prioritize what matters most. With its 5-step planning system and guides, you will routinely   revisit your goals and values each month.  Following the energy of the Moon's phases, you will be able to balance action, rest and reflection.

  The Moon Calendar encourages you to let Joy be your compass, become aware of how you are spending your energy, and brings you into alignment with your priorities.  Step outside of the hustle culture and into the natural rhythm of Nature. Begin planning with purpose today. Everything you need is inside the Calendar!


12 Monthly Templates That Include:

  • Section for listing your values and and intention statement to keep you focused each month.
  • Section for listing your Personal/Profession Goals and action steps to help you reach them.
  • Daily prompt, practice, and affirmation to bring more intention to your life.
  • Reference key for each Moon phase. Easily see what you should be doing at each phase of the Moon Cycle.
  • Dates are color coordinated with Moon Phases. Easily see the best days for scheduling projects and best days for rest.
  • Astrological sign for each New/Full Moon.
  • Eclipse Dates (NEW FEATURE!)
This guide walks you through my 5 Step Planning Process in detail. Easily refer back to it as often as you need.  Becoming familiar with this guide will result in maximizing the effectiveness of your Moon Calendar. 
  • Learn how to create a planning ritual for each New Moon.
  • Find clarity through thoughtful journaling prompts at the beginning of each Moon Cycle.
  • Learn how to routinely schedule time for rest and reflection.
  • Set goals and engage in projects that align with your values and principles.
  • Discover the best time to set intentions, begin new projects & plan for the weeks ahead.
  • Benefit from visual graphics that make it easy to track the Moon's phases each cycle
This beautiful color-coded guide is a reference for all of your Moon Phase questions. It breaks down the Moon Cycle into easy to understand terms.
  •  Contains vocabulary definitions for those new to the Moon Cycle.
  • Find out which Moon Phases are best for action and which are best for rest.
  •  Stay on track  as you answer the focus questions during each Moon phase.
 30 pages. Size-9x12" Printed & Bound in Boise, Idaho, USA

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