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"Remembering" Original Watercolor Painting
"Remembering" Original Watercolor Painting

"Remembering" Original Watercolor Painting

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premium watercolor paint on 100% cotton rag paper

size: 15” x 7 3/4” 

Behind The Painting

The owl sees what others do not. It symbolizes wisdom and intuition.  The owl asks you to trust yourself.  Owls have incredible hearing. In order for you to hear your inner guidance system, you must get still and quiet.

The idea to paint this owl came to me  during a meditation.  It was in the slowing down, that I was able to have the idea drop in.  And then, I listened.

I can’t describe the feeling of a painting that practically paints itself other than it is a combination of flow, loss of a sense of time, joy, confidence and heightened presence.

This owl is to remind you that you have all of the answers.  Get quiet, listen for the whisper to tell you what to do next and then follow that voice. Step into your joy. Embrace your heart based decisions and release the fearful ego mind.