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Planning Alongside The Moon Cycle- LIVE ZOOM CLASS

Planning Alongside The Moon Cycle- LIVE ZOOM CLASS

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Do you seek more purpose in your life? Are you seeking more alignment with your Soul? Are you consciously planning goals for yourself that align with your core values? Do you know that you can use the moon phases to your planning advantage? If you answered yes then this LIVE Zoom course is for you!

Course Content 

Length: 90 minutes

Learn about the moon’s phases and how you can harness their magic in practical ways. 

Find out the best time to set goals, take action on projects, and when to hit cruise control.

Learn how to do dream journaling, determine your core values and set goals that are in alignment with them.

I have developed a 5 step process to plan alongside the Moon Cycle.  This course will walk you through each step in detail.  I will be referring to my 2021 Moon Calendar throughout the class. It is not a requirement to attend the class, but it is a tool that is designed specifically for you to maximize the benefits of the Moon Cycle. Calendars are sold separately on my website.

Are you entirely new to the Moon Cycle? This class is best for those that have never explored the Moon Cycle but are curious to learn more.  It is also great for those that have some knowledge but would like to know more practical ways to plan in rhythm with the moon phases.

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